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It can be tricky coming into a new place and knowing where to go or what to do. We know this! We want you to know that you are coming into our church invited. We are ready for you to come, and can't wait to see you!



  • Corporate Prayer at 9:00a
  • Fellowship immediately following prayer
  • Morning Worship at 9:30a
  • Home Groups at 5:00p


  • Dinner at 5:30p
  • Discipleship all ages at 6:30p


The Way is located at 812 Tiny Town Rd. in Clarksville, TN. You can find us on a map by clicking here.

What can I expect?

How long is a service at the way?

A typical service lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.

We start out with a time of fellowship starting at 9:05 am. Because we share a facility with another church, we do our best to be respectful of the congregation coming in after our service. This doesn't leave much time for us to have meaningful conversation or get into each other's lives. But since we value this aspect of church and family, we are intentional about this time before the service begins.

We also do our best to start our service promptly each week at 9:30 am. We kick off our worship with some music with the lyrics projected on slides. One of our elders will encourage us with a verse and prayer . The preaching carries us through a particular text, often as part of a teaching series, and is usually delivered by our Teaching Elder, Brad Smith.

We conclude our services most often by 10:45 am.

It is our priority during this time of worship to encourage you in love, but also for each one of us to leave challenged to love and serve God and others more confidently, more faithfully, and more like Jesus.

What's the culture like at the way?

We hope that you'll hear, see, feel, and experience the love and presence of God each week when you come. The Way is our home, and the door is open for you.

We are a small church, but we are a big family. More so, our roots run deep and wide. Due to the transient nature of our community, many have had to leave our fellowship for work, restationing, or deployment. Nonetheless, we often maintain our friendships and when people return to this area, they often join us again. It's much like they never left.

It's part of our mission to pour into and prepare those that come through our doors in authentic friendships and discipleship, so that no matter where life may take them, they know they always have a home at The Way and they can go in confidence in their relationship with Jesus.

There's always a place for you here.

What about my kids?

We have a culture of home and family at The Way. We expect you'll see how valuable children are to us when you come. We have a heart for your little ones and will care for them as though they were our own.

Part of what makes a "house" a "home" is safety. A home is a place of security and refuge - a place of welcoming and security. We believe that in caring for your kids, we are caring for you and are working to always improve our overall holistic family care.

One way we ensure their safety is by requiring that all those serving our kiddos submit to a background check, meet with and be evaluated by our elders, and receive training from our kids' ministry team leaders.

We also seek to accommodate and meet the needs of each individual child, while exceeding your expectations. There is a longer check-in process for those joining us for the first time, and thus we recommend that you plan a little extra time to do this and get to know those serving that day. A great time to do this is during our fellowship time before service starts.

We welcome and encourage children in the sanctuary, and in doing so limit the ages for drop off to 5 and under. We are happy to accommodate in special circumstances, but please know that your children will not feel out of place in our service. You will be blessed to see families joined together in worship through song and teaching.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to speak with you. Feel free to speak to one of our elders, or submit a comment form. We will do everything we can to make sure you and your whole family is cared for.

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