Elders & Deacons

And when they had appointed elders for them...

Our Elders

Say hello to the elders of The Way. If you have a question for one of them or if you have a need, you can contact us by clicking here. Also, if you would like for them to be praying for you, you can click here.

Eric Dukes

  • Husband to Jessie
  • Father of girls (5 of them!)
  • Lover of the doctrines of grace
  • Born 400 years too late
  • Star Wars fanatic
  • Working man
  • Proclaimer of truth
  • Gifted with wisdom

Erik Hampton

  • Husband to Sherree
  • Father of 4
  • Disciple of ישוע המשיח (Yeshua Hamashiach)
  • Lover of the word of God
  • An encourager
  • Knows a guy
  • Generous beyond words
  • Old school tough

Brad Smith - Teaching Elder

  • Husband to Ami
  • Father of 9
  • Foster Care and Adoption Advocate
  • Expository preaching and bold evangelism
  • Retired Army Veteran
  • Author (amazon.com/author/smithbradford)
  • Pumping Iron, new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lover
  • THE Ohio State University BUCKEYES

[email protected]

Our Deacons

Neil Kurtz

  • Husband to Shannon
  • Welder of metal
  • Humble servant of the Lord and of men
  • Lover of Tres Dias, founder of Screaming Eagle Tres Dias ministry
  • Generous giver of gifts
  • The greatest of friends

[email protected]; (615)512-5596

Josh Miller

  • Newlywed (Katie)
  • Father to be
  • Fired up for Jesus
  • Gifted with service
  • Talks to everyone, and gets their phone number to boot
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Humble and wise
  • The man you want in your corner

Michael Rardin

  • Husband of Meg
  • Humble servant of the Lord
  • Lover of our country
  • Gifted with generosity, mercy as well
  • Expert with firearms
  • One of my favorite people in the world

Our Team Leaders

There are a number of ministries at The Way as part of our vision to be a loving and serving church family, and these would not be possible without the hard work, diligence, and dedication of our awesome and faithful team leaders. We are all about building together by building into each other, and they are pivotal in making this possible. Here's a little bit about each of them!

Dairian Smith - Director of Children's Ministry

  • Sister to 8 (6 adopted brothers)
  • Military brat
  • Passionate for the orphan
  • Called to minister to at-risk youth (Ask her about the Clarksville Covenant House)
  • Netflix-ing
  • THE Ohio State University BUCKEYES