Clarksville Covenant House

Fill the Gap


  • ´The mission of the Clarksville Covenant House is to fill the gap between the foster system and adulthood. 
  • ´This Christian-based program assists adults who have aged out of the foster care system and helps them learn necessary skills while introducing them to Jesus Christ.

Why the Clarksville Covenant House?

  • In Tennessee, 8,000 foster kids, 350 available for immediate adoption
  • 1000 will “age out” of foster care every year
  • Of these,
  • 20% are instantly homeless
  • Less than 3% will ever earn a college degree
  • 7 out of 10 girls will be pregnant out of wedlock by age 21, abortion is common
  • 25% suffer from PTSD
  • Only 50% will have meaningful employment by age 24
  • 60% of boys will be convicted of a crime
  • 50% will fall into addiction
  • Numbers are rising continually

How can you help?


  • that God would provide the resources for this endeavor
  • for the long-term sustainment of the effort
  • for the future occupants of the Clarksville Covenant House


  • Tell friends and family, others who may be willing to help/give
  • Share the Go Fund Me

Volunteer - ask us how


  • One time gift
  • Enduring pledge